Folk School, what is it?

A year or semester of studying at a folk school can enrich your portfolio and enhance your formal education in an exciting, international setting. Folk schools offer a variety of subjects from boat building and outdoor life to weaving and jazz music to global issues and glass design, but their common denominator is an educational program where you focus on your own interests, abilities and personal growth while learning about subjects that truly interest and motivate you. The folk school experience is meant to challenge the whole person–the complete you. The idea behind this form of education is that learning becomes a significant part of our lives only when we are actively involved and share responsibility for it. A year at a folk school will broaden your perspective and expand your global awareness. You will be immersed in another culture, learn a new language and meet new people. Sending a year learning subjects and skills that you have chosen to focus on will also inspire you to continue with your education and future career.

Life at a Folk School.

Most folk schools are small, with enrollments of about 60 to 150 students, enabling you to really get to know the other students. The schools are typically situated in small towns or in the countryside. Many of the folk schools are located in renovated castles or manor houses. Because of their location, the folk schools offer an extraordinary opportunity to make contact with the host countries in an intimate way and to assimilate into the culture and learn the traditions of the country in a short period of time. All the students live on campus in close contact with the staff and other students. You study, have meals, and attend classes together. Through academic instruction and day-to-day exposure, you will very quickly be communicating with new friends in a new language and learning first hand all aspects of a new country and its culture.

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