Legacy Grants

Purpose: The Legacy Grants will provide a limited number of $5000 scholarships for American students to attend folk schools in the Scandinavian countries. This is a pilot project and preference will be given to family members of Alumni of the Scandinavian Seminar.
Background: When the Scandinavian Seminar was first created, the Seminar sponsored a large number of students to participate in a unique, full immersion year at folk schools throughout Scandinavia. Virtually all who participated had life enhancing experiences. There are over 2,000 Scandinavian Seminar Alumni who participated in this unique educational experience.   Because of the great value and enjoyment of their year in Scandinavia, many Alumni have contributed generously to the Scandinavia Seminar to support its various educational endeavors.
Board and Alumni Scholarship Support
The Board has decided to use its recent Alumni contributions to support new “legacy scholarships” for students who are courageous enough to embark on a folk school, full immersion adventure, whether for a semester or a year.   In appreciation for the many
Alumni contributions, these initial scholarships will be awarded to young family members of Alumni –children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews. 
For the Adventurous Few
In addition to being willing to immerse themselves in another culture,  the challenge for the applicants will be to make their own arrangements with a folk school that fits their interests, work out their academic credit agreements if needed, and make their own travel plans.
Prospective applicants should complete and submit the application, along with any other material they deem relevant via U.S. mail to Bruce Buxton, 24 Dickinson Street, Amherst, MA 01002. 
If applicants have questions, please email Bruce Buxton at scandinavianseminar@gmail.com.


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