Who We Are

Scandinavian Seminar is a leading, nonprofit, international educational organization. Founded in 1949 by Aage Rosendal Nielsen, our mission to provide life-long learning and cultural immersion opportunities has its roots in the Scandinavian Folk School Movement, which is dedicated to democratic philosophy, empowerment, and enlightened growth. (What is a folk high school?) Central to our philosophy is the understanding that learning throughout life is crucial for personal growth and that international exchange is imperative for the future of our world.

The organization is overseen by a distinguished Board of Trustees, with American and Scandinavian membership that represents the fields of education, business, law, finance, and the arts. For a list of the members on our Board of Trustees, click here.

We work in cooperation with a network of respected international educators and institutions. Scandinavian Seminar is chartered by the State University of New York and holds memberships in the American Scandinavian Foundation (ASF), and the Arctic Research Consortium of the United States (ARCUS). Scandinavian Seminar’s extensive alumni network participates in and contributes significantly to the appeal and success of our programs.