University of the Arctic

Scandinavian Seminar is a founding contributor to the University of the Arctic. The UArctic is an international non-governmental organization dedicated to higher education in and about the Circumpolar North.
UArctic is a decentralized university without walls that develops programs of higher education and research, builds local and regional educational capacity, and stimulates cooperation among participating institutions. Our major contribution has been in the development of a Bachelor of Circumpolar Studies (BCS), an interdisciplinary approach to the natural environment, people, and cultures of the Circumpolar World. The BCS program addresses issues of sustainability which have overlapping environmental, economic, and political importance globally. Visit to learn more.
UArctic Students

University of the Arctic (UArctic) offers students at member institutions a wide range of programs which are relevant to research and careers in circumpolar regions. Students may learn about the Arctic online, in traditional classrooms, and at member institutions abroad. 

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Looking for more Information about the University of the Arctic?
Shared Voices, the University of the Arctic newsletter, is sent periodically to keep those interested in the University of the Arctic informed about its activities and development. The newsletter is distributed electronically over the University of the Arctic information service, uarcticlist.
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